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Take up the whole armor of God

Ephesians 6:12-13 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.  Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.

Who are your enemies? Do you have people that always seem to stand in your way? People who just don’t like you? They’re not the real enemy.

There’s a whole lot going on in this world that we don’t see with our eyes. The spiritual forces at work are the ones to be concerned about. The enemy of your soul, Satan, has his evil set against you and against God’s will being carried out. He’ll stop at nothing to win. But in the end, he can’t win.

Satan, even with his armies of darkness, is no match for the King of Kings. The omnipresent, omniscient, all-powerful Creator wins. That doesn’t stop the evil one from trying though. He’s after you and anyone else who professes to follow Christ. We’re soldiers in a war and it’s important that we are armed properly.

We stand firm in this war because we know the Lord is on our side. We know that we’re armed and ready to take on the spiritual forces that oppose us because we’ve been equipped by God himself. We can walk bravely into battle, knowing that He has already won the war. His victory on the cross is our victory. Stand firm.

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Demons’ view of God

Angels and demons

James 2:19  You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder!

You believe in God.  Good.  But is that enough?  Even the demons believe in God.  They believe in His existence, because they know without a doubt that He exists.  But do they surrender to Him?  Do they get to live in His presence?

How about you?  Do you just believe in God or do you surrender to Him?  It’s not enough to believe in the existence of God, as we see by the fact that even His enemies believe.  Belief that there is a God falls far short of the gospel.  In order to live in the presence of God, we have to put our faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins.  This is where the demons fail.  They believe there is a God, but they don’t trust in His Son for salvation.  They try to be gods themselves.

Trying to work our way into heaven instead of taking on the righteousness of Christ is trying to be God.  It’s trying to put ourselves in His place.  If we do this, we’re no better off than the demons, who believe in God but shudder at the very thought of Him.  What separates angels and demons?  Not belief, but faith.

The origin of demons

Angels and demons

2 Peter 2:4  For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment;

How could a perfect God who is incapable of evil create demons?  Why would He even do such a thing?  The fact of the matter is some angels, the heavenly beings God created to carry out His plan, were rebellious and would rather gain power than serve the One who created them.  Because God is just, those angels were cast away from His presence, and we now refer to them as demons.

But before we bid them good riddance, let’s take note of what their sin really was.  The rebellious angels wanted to be like God, as did their leader Lucifer.  Their arrogance cost them.  But what did the first humans choose in the Garden of Eden?  Rather than obeying God, they wanted to be like Him by knowing good and evil.  They chose the same sin as the demons.  And so do we.

Every time we choose our own preferences and comforts over what God wants, we’re choosing to be in the place of God.  Aren’t we?  Think about how many sins start with pride as their root cause and then boil down what pride really is.  Pride in our hearts is the desire to be like God rather than submitting to Him.  If God didn’t spare angels for doing such a thing, what makes us think we deserve exemption from His judgment? Thank God for His grace!

Angel worship

Angels and demons

Colossians 2:18  Let no one disqualify you, insisting on asceticism and worship of angels, going on in detail about visions, puffed up without reason by his sensuous mind

Do you believe in angels?  Sometimes we get mixed up in what we (and others) believe about the existence of angels over what we (and others) believe about God Himself.  The Bible is very clear that angels are real, but they are not meant to be the focus of our attention.  They’re just the messengers. (Revelation 19:10)

The truth is, however, we can start to think more about angels watching over us (as evidenced by so many bumper stickers) than we think about our heavenly Father who watches over us.  It’s He who sends the angels to guard us. (Psalm 91:11-12)  They’re just doing the job they were sent to do.  So why do we stop short of worshiping God for how He loves us and worship instead the means by which He shows us?

Idolizing angels isn’t a new concept.  Apparently it was a big enough issue to cause Paul to bring it up in his letter to the Colossians.  He warned them about only following sound doctrine and staying away from teachers who say that the way to God is through self-deprivation and angel worship, as well as going on about visions (but that’s another whole subject for another series!).

The point is that God alone is worthy of our worship.  It’s right to believe that angels are real and that God uses them to carry out His plans, but it’s not ok to worship the messenger rather than the Sender.  To God alone be the glory.

Of angels and marriage

Angels and Demons

Mark 12:25  For when they rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven

How are angels different from humans? How is it that we’re “a little lower than the angels” (Psalm 8:5)?  The impression we get from the Bible is that angels and humans are quite different, but how?  And why?

Angels were all created by God with specific reasons in mind.  They are sent out as messengers, protectors, and even warriors.  They fulfill God’s will in a different way that we do.  When speaking to some religious people of His day, Jesus compared resurrected humans to being more like angels than what we are here on earth.  We will no longer marry, as marriage is an earthly institution with purposes that are unnecessary in heaven.  Our heavenly bodies will be free from disease and injury, much like angelic beings.  We will be made whole in our new bodies, there will be no more sinning, no more hurting.

But it’s important to note that we will be like the angels in heaven, not angels.  We don’t become angels when we die, contrary to some cartoons.  We will still be distinct from the angels, carrying out our own tasks different from theirs.  We will worship God forever like the angels, but not as angels.  We’ll be coworkers, so to speak, serving God however He directs us.  Nothing will be done in vain.

All created by God

Angels and Demons

Colossians 1:16  For byt him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him.

Have you ever wondered where angels and demons come from?  You picture the stuff that’s in the movies with the spiritual realm at battle, angels on one side and demons on the other…but when did they come into being?  Have they always been there?

A biblical truth to hold onto when it comes to anything is that God created all things.  All things, to include the spiritual beings that are all around, in heaven and on earth.  God’s messengers, the angels, were created by Him to do His will.  Likewise, demons were created by God, but they chose to disobey Him and were cast out of heaven.  Though evil, they were still created by God.  How does that change the way you think about demons?

Just as we were created with purpose, angels were created with specific tasks and attributes as well.  They have characteristics different from those of humans, but they are nonetheless created beings of God.  They reside in heaven, out of heaven, and anywhere that God sends them.  It’s worth taking a deeper look at what angels are and what they are not before forming our view of them.